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Frequently Asked Questions

What is School Direct?

School Direct (non-salaried)
As the name suggests, the School Direct (non-salaried) route of study is unpaid. The School Direct (non-salaried) route is run by a school or group of schools who work closely with a university or School-Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT) consortium to offer a school based training programme.

School Direct (salaried)
A school-led teacher training course option, this route is available for both primary and secondary teaching and is run by the school or group of schools. These providers work closely with a university or School-Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT). School Direct (salaried) training programme are employed by the school as unqualified teachers whilst they learn on-the-job.

What is the difference between SCITT and School Direct?

School Direct and SCITT are very similar as in they are both a school based route into teacher training led by partnership of schools. Both routes will award QTS and some will also offer a PGCE. The main difference is in who awards the QTS. In a SCITT this is awarded by a SCITT where in School Direct this is awarded by the partner HEI. The SCITTs that also offer a PGCE with partner with a HEI to award this element.

Am I eligible to apply?

Candidates must have prior to commencement of the course:
At least a 2:2 degree from a UK university (some SCITTs can accept 3rds)
Candidates need GCSE English, maths & Science grade C or above (or equivalent qualification) for Primary and Maths and English grade C or above for Secondary.

Requirements may vary depending on the provider – Please look at individual providers for their specific requirements.

Do I need any school experience before joining the course?

Yes. Before commencement of the course you will some school experience, but training providers differ in their requirements. Please check with individual training providers for details.

Ho do I apply?

To apply for a teacher training place please visit www.ucas.com